Beach Yoga

Yoga by itself is the world’s best stress-buster and comes with health benefits too many to count. Yet there is a way to amplify the core benefits of its aasans. How – you might wonder. Well, the answer is simple – by taking Yoga from the confines of your indoor home and office spaces out into the lap of Mother Nature. While parks or hilltops are popular destinations for Yogic practices, the unpretentious seaside beach holds the most charm for Yoga Gurus and practitioners.

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Beach N-Yoga is centered on the wonderful medley of four natural elements – sun, sky, sand, and water. They work deep into our senses collectively and intensify the process of rejuvenation. The gentle sloshing spray of salt water, the grainy texture of sand, and the salty oceanic breeze directly affect our brain, relaxing it completely and freeing it from anxiety, pain, and depression. The never-ending supply of fresh oxygen is perfect for deep breathing exercises, thereby heightening the functioning of our lungs. The sun too plays an important role as it metabolizes Vitamin D within our system, which is not possible in indoor Yoga. Our secondary muscles, which are responsible for posture, also receive a much-needed workout as our body has to perform workouts on a non-uniform surface.

Beach Yoga Classes is a complete outdoor program, which is conducted in groups. Participating members can be of varied ages as we can easily customize our sessions to suit all age groups involved. Each Beach N-Yoga session consists of an assorted variety of deep breathing exercises or Pranayama, meditation, and non-rigorous aasans.Yoga Instructors at Home,

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