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Your employees are the health and wealth of your organization. It is their talent which takes your business forward. Hence, their continued wellness should be every organization ultimate prerogative – including yours. Incorporating Yoga into your workplace culture is a cost-effective solution to keep your employees energized and efficient on the floor. Not only will you witness a tangible difference in the way they perform, but also notice a wholesome improvement in the way they meet deadlines and achieve goals.

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Our Corporate N-Yoga program is designed to address employee health and stress issues and help them reach a state of physical and mental equilibrium. Our blend of stress-relieving aasans combats a wide range of medical disorders such as obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular symptoms, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and even stroke. Corporate N-Yoga also works at the psychological level, boosting self-motivation and team morale. All these benefits have a direct impact on employee productivity and output quality. What’s more, in a matter of days, you can witness your employees turning into a solution-minded team as opposed to problem-oriented individuals.

We offer Corporate N-Yoga as group sessions within the office premises or a location of your choice. The program includes special techniques for stress relief, Yogic breathing techniques or Pranayama, and meditation. It is designed to transport your employees from a state of stress to a state of solace so that when they return to work their minds are invigorated and ready to think fresh.

We offer various packages to suit your corporate schedules, Yoga for Corporate Wellness. Our program durations encompass weekend workshops as well as daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly sessions

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