Family Yoga

Family ties are the most uplifting bonds in the world – be it between spouses, parents and their children, between siblings, or a child with her grandparents. Healthy family ties lead to spiritual harmony and emotional well-being of all members involved. And what better way to ensure strong family bonds than getting involved in family-oriented activities such as Yoga. Inculcating Yoga into your family lifestyle will serve to strengthen the feeling of togetherness and at the same time help children realize the importance of health from an early age.

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Our Family N-Yoga program is a blend of child-like playfulness and health rolled into a purposeful whole. It has the power to bring the entire household, including extended family members, best friends, and even colleagues, under one roof. Forget screen entertainment. Simply hit the floor for some stretching and breathing exercises, and your family gets together is sure to be a success! You don’t need a whole lot of space, fancy equipment or fancy clothing. A family room and your regular wear will serve the purpose just fine.

Family N-Yoga is the perfect opportunity for children to bond with parents and all mixes of relatives to bond with each other. Besides encouraging family bonds, Family Yoga Classes also instills positive communication and acceptance of other human beings.

Our Family N-Yoga program comes with no strict timeline or schedule. It is completely customizable to suit your specific needs. We require no minimum or the maximum number of participants. We are also happy to offer our sessions at any location of your choice be it your home, a neighborhood park, a community hall, and so on.

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