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N-Yoga has always perpetuates the concept and practice of Personal Yoga as part of its holistic health program. Personal Yoga is an individualized yoga plan, keeping only You in mind. It is a plan devised to accommodate your unique health requirements, capabilities, disabilities, and your general day-to-day routine.

Personal Yoga differs greatly from group yoga. Where group yoga incorporates a fun quotient and creates an overall energizing environment, Personal Yoga takes a traditional approach relying completely on one-to-one training. Other key differences attributed to Personal Yoga are the short-term and long-term goals that student and trainer set together at the commencement of the program and the start of each yoga session. These goals uphold the student’s needs, therapeutic and health benefits, personal interests, and scope.

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Our Personal Yoga instructors are highly trained professionals who understand the importance of physical and mental development. They are excellent motivators and come with extensive practical knowledge of human physiology, psychology, and social behavior. They take into consideration your intrinsic capabilities and accommodate health disabilities and discrepancies if any. They schedule the day and time of each session keeping your convenience in mind.

We commence each of our individualized Personal Yoga sessions with a Wellness Profiling Study. This study is mandatory; however, it can be scheduled as per your availability and convenience. As part of Wellness Profiling, we record your past and present medical and health history. This includes any chronic or acute health conditions, surgical procedures, and your family’s medical history. Getting this information beforehand helps us formulate our plan in a professional manner. Since we are aware, in advance, of the problems you may be suffering from or have a tendency towards, we will take special care to plan our exercises and aasans in accordance with your unique physiology.

As part of our Wellness Profiling, we also conduct a few basic diagnostic tests such as lung capacity; blood-oxygen levels; pulse, heart rate, and blood pressure; hip and pelvic movements as well as metabolic rate. In addition, we also consider your day-to-day dietary balances and imbalances so as to provide you with a composite nutritional plan that will complement your Personal Yoga Classes in Dubai with us.

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