Prenatal Yoga

Congratulations! You are going to be a mom soon! From this moment on you will be responsible for two lives – that of your own and your child. Pregnancy is also the time when you will experience several physical, emotional and hormonal changes within your body. Some of these changes might unnerve and stress you out. But you can easily cope with them all by introducing Prenatal N-Yoga into your schedule. Not only will your pregnancy wellness quotient increase, you will also pass on this wellness to your unborn child.

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Prenatal Yoga is officially recommended by gynecologists. Our N-Yoga program is specifically designed for a pregnant woman keeping in mind the transformations their bodies and posture undergo. Our asans help them combat physical weakness and ailments that they might become susceptible to over time.

Prenatal N-Yoga is proven to improve sleep patterns, increase flexibility and endurance, and decrease incidents of morning sickness, lower back pain and headaches. It is also known to lower the risk of pre-term labor and prepare your body for normal delivery.

The benefits of Prenatal N-Yoga are not restricted to you alone. Your baby gets benefitted too! Deep breathing exercises will strengthen your baby’s blood flow to her/ his brain and vital organs. She/ he too will experience a feeling of peace and un-stress that runs through you.

We offer Prenatal N-Yoga as one-to-one yoga sessions within the comfort of your home. At the time of commencement of the program, our N-Yoga Instructors conduct a baseline physical examination in order to customize the Prenatal N-Yoga aasans, if required. They then schedule the day and time of each session as per your convenience.

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