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Your child is the heart of your home. He or she requires the same kind of care and nourishment as the heart that beats within you. There is no doubt that your love and support does wonders to his or her holistic development. However, there is something more that you can give him – the power to be in-charge of his own good health. You can do this by making Yoga a part of his daily schedule through N-Yoga’s specialized child-centric program.

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Children today are enveloped in an increasingly materialistic and electronic world. They are bombarded with attractive distractions at every step of the way. When they want freedom from their academic struggles, they look to gadgets for “relaxation”, which only serve to heighten their stress levels. N-Yoga for Kids program gives your children the right kind of freedom from life’s unlimited chores and trials. Our program helps them replace stress with success.

N-Yoga for Kids works at two levels: the superficial and the core. At the core, children benefit from a heightened sense of contentment, peace, and rhythm. The changes that take place within the core reveal their benefits at the superficial level, ones which you as parents can actually witness. Your children will look and feel more confident and carry a positive self-image of themselves. You can be sure of the proper development of their internal body structure and posture. Yoga also boasts improvements in health and resistance to disease-causing germs. Moreover, the good health that they build today will prove beneficial to them through adolescence, parenthood, and old-age as well.

N-Yoga for Kids is a Group Program designed for kids as young as four. We recommend a group strength of maximum 50 children so that our trainers can attend to each child. Of course, we would be happy to engage with more groups if a particular batch is full. We can bring our Yoga sessions to your home or your local community center. Our sessions include play-centric as well as rigorous aasans, which cater to children across various age-groups.

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