Yoga For Senior Citizens

Stepping into the senior years of your life brings many changes in every sphere be it personal, family, career, or health. While most of these changes might be beyond your control, the good news is that you are still in authority over your fitness levels and physical independence. These possibilities are achievable if you introduce Yoga into your daily routine. Gone are the days when yoga was considered to be only for children or young adults. In fact, research has proved that it is senior citizens who benefit most from Yogic practices.

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Our N-Yoga for Senior Citizens program ensures that you carry your youthful health and agility well into your golden years. This program is known to better manage, and even resolve, the aches and pains that come with aging. It will strengthen your musculoskeletal system and prevent the onset of osteoporosis, a disease which makes bones brittle and weak. N-Yoga for Senior Citizens also markedly improves balance, muscle and joint flexibility, and limb mobility. It cures sleeplessness and improves sleeping habits. All in all, this program is guaranteed to keep you away from a large chunk of pills that senior citizens usually have on their prescription list!

N-Yoga for Senior Citizens is conducted in groups, preferably with other senior citizens in and around the locality. Group sessions add to the therapeutic power of Yoga as it helps build social ties, thus negating the feeling of loneliness and depression. Each session comprises deep breathing exercises, simple stretches, and simple Yogic poses.

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