Yoga Stretching for Stress Relief

Are you attracted towards Yoga and the benefits it can offer your health? You might have listened to friends and colleagues talk about the wonderful changes Yoga has brought into their personal and professional lives. Yet, you are probably not sure if your body can take the heat. In that case, we have the perfect program in place for you – Yoga Stretching for Stress Relief. N-Yoga Stretches differ from all our other portfolio programs in that we help you perform the body-bending aasans and hold your postures so that you can benefit just as much as a Yogic professional.

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N-Yoga Stretches for Stress Relief is most suitable for people who suffer from back pain and stiffness in limbs and muscles, arthritis, or more severe degenerative diseases. Each stretch is designed to create healing energy pathways, which work from your toes to your head, immersing you in state of deep relaxation and rest.

Our stretching exercises are proven to stimulate blood circulation, increase muscular flexibility and limb mobility, strengthen joints, boost the immune system, and slow down the aging process.

Apart from physiological benefits, Yoga also affects psychological positivity. N-Yoga Stretches helps improve emotional balance, calms the mind, relieves stress, and boosts stamina.

N-Yoga Stretching sessions are offered only as individualized one-to-one sessions. We take the onus of getting you from one stretch aasan to the next. We help you hold your pose for the required duration for maximum impact.

Each session typically extends anywhere between 60 to 75 minutes. They are specifically designed keeping in mind the modern urban lifestyle. One session incorporates five elements namely Chanting or Yoga Nidra, Stretching, Breathing techniques or Pranayam, Mindfulness Meditation, and Gratitude Practice.

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