About N Yoga

N-Yoga is the dream child of Mr. Yoga Narayan, a Yogic Master of Indian origin who has made it his life’s goal to help children and adults fight the stresses of modern day life and the debilitating weaknesses of old age with Yoga.

Founded in 2005, N Yoga Dubai brings the powerful mysticism of India’s ancient Yogic secrets into the modern day lifestyle. The organization was built on Yoga Narayan’s unwavering philosophy that the foundation of health lies deep within our own selves and all we need to do is awaken it from dormancy by delving into our soul through deep meditation, relaxation, and traditional body postures called asanas.


N-Yoga caters to all age-groups of people

From children as young as five to senior citizens. It also encompasses people from all walks of life encompassing business professionals to school-going students. N Yoga Dubai offers one-to-one yogic sessions as well as group sessions through its eight highly unique portfolio packages namely Beach Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Family Yoga, Personal Yoga, Yoga for Kids, Personal Yoga Training at Home, Yoga for Schools, One to One Yoga classes at Home, and Yoga for Senior Citizens. Each package can be customized as per the client’s specific requirements.

As part of its customer-centric initiative, N Yoga Dubai also offers a free introductory session to familiarize and educate prospective clients about the nuances of Yoga and what it entails.


To help people the world over find a place of solace, harmony, and renewed energy, away from the pressures of everyday modern life.

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